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Q: Where did the ideas come from for the book?
I don't know exactly. I started writing Notes From a Liar and Her Dog in the middle of the night. I'm not a night person. In fact, I could not live next to the fire station and not have my sleep interrupted, but Ant's voice was so loud it woke me up and I started writing the book at 3 am.
Q: How did you come up with the names Antonia and Pistachio?
Antonia is a tribute name. I named her after a character in a very famous book called My Antonia by Willa Cather. Since Pistachio is so small, I tried to think of names of small items. Peanut came to mind but it seemed overused, so I tried out Walnut, Pecan, etc., but when I came up with Pistachio it seemed to fit.
Q: Why did Harrison have a chicken for a pet?
When I started writing Notes From a Liar and Her Dog it had a very different plot. In that plot it was important that Harrison have an empty barn on his property and I figured he'd have to have at least one barnyard pet. Once I began to get to know Harrison, a chicken seemed like the right choice. After the plot changed and Harrison no longer needed to have an empty barn on his property, it still seemed like he did.
Q: Why did Harrison and Ant call Just Carol Just Carol?
Because she always said, "Just call me Carol," so Harrison and Ant shortened this phrase to Just Carol. I like the name "Carol" because a friend of mine's parents were both named Carol. Carol and Caroll. That has always amused me.

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