Guys Read: Thrillers
  The Snake Mafia
  A Giant Crush
Fall 2011 in Gennifer Land

Hey guess what? It’s official. I’m one of the guys! They only ask a select few female authors to write for Guys Read, so it’s pretty exciting to be one of them. My story is in Guys Read: Thrillers due out today. I’m guessing they asked me because I’m one scary middle aged woman. Must be the orthotics. Who knew?

My story is called the Snake Mafia with a cover illustration by the incomparable Brett Helmquist. Okay, now here’s my dirty little secret . . . I’m terrified of snakes, absolutely friggin' out-of-my-mind scared of them. So if you are thinking it might be cute to bring your little python to one of my appearances, think again, buster.

This month I’m headed for the South Bay to speak at ten snake-free libraries and schools for We Read Together then I’m off to Minneapolis to be the breakfast speaker at the American School Library Association conference. Pancakes and Prisons we’re calling it. Okay, maybe not.

On the writing front, I’m having a blast with the third Al Capone book. It always takes a while to get a book off the ground, but once the goods are on the page, the real fun begins. Okay, here’s a hint. In researching the book I discovered a fun little fact about the prisoners and their cockroaches. I kid you not. No one will ever believe it, but I’m citing the source in my author’s note.

Then in December A Giant Crush illustrated by the amazing Melissa Sweet will hit the stores in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day. So Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and may you enjoy all the holidays until then.

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