The London Times has selected If a Tree Falls at Lunch Break to be Book of the Week, and Guardian Unlimited has made it a Critics' choice!

"Thoughtful and quietly provocative."

"It may come as a surprise to learn that a book that uses the word “crap” four times in the first paragraph can be thoughtful and rewarding. But Choldenko, the author of the acclaimed Al Capone Does My Shirts, has taken up the favourite young adult theme of teenagers learning to accept who they are, and made something notably witty and observant."

"This is a very entertaining novel...An excellent story with many juicy twists and turns that will very much appeal to its target early-teens audience."

If a Tree Falls at Lunch Break has a wonderfully light touch. It talks about bullying, eating disorders, family break ups, family secrets, racism, snobbery and really just about every other issue that weighs heavily on adolescents. Yet you never feel swamped, or lectured, or depressed by it all, and this is thanks to sharp observation and a very delicate touch. I felt for Kirsten and I felt for Walk, but I never felt hopeless, and I don’t think readers will either. There’s a level of understanding offered in this little book that makes it one to buy rather than simply to borrow.”

"Compelling blend of classroom cruelty, heart-warming humour, cookies and ice cream."

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